Religious people will / might follow the Antichrist


Read Bible yourself / on your own, from beginning to the end. Ask Jesus to teach you while reading and through everyday life. Start reading with New Testament and repent and be reborn.


Ask Jesus for a good job. Jesus loves those, who do the work of the little wheels within society. He does not love, when people disrespect the work of the unseen and unknown jobbers, that keep society running / in flow. 


Do not go to cultic churches and do not go to hillsong church, found in Australia. You are only able to evaluate these things, when you are reborn, therefore, you must repent. which must be done anyway. 


He; Jesus will teach you, when you read it. 




 There are Demons for everything, for example: eating dissorders. This comes from demons, who influence religious people all the time. They know the weakness of the person "Jesus would not love people" or "you have to add something to the cross, do also your own works" or even coming from the local church "pressure" 


Well, do not give too much power in this dissorder thing. You think about Problems too much: They grow. Change your habits. Think the opposite.


Everybody has got problems since the fall, because everybody is a sinner.


Then, we repent, we are reborn, we are save, but the body is and will not be perfect. It is not made, to be perfect. Otherwise, we would not have to go to the toilet. This is temporary. 


I walked through life many years with overweight. Then, no-one cares about you, no one is really interested. This is one of the ways, I checked inner society, → but is this true?


Then, ugly clothe on, even better. I wanted to know, what society is all about. And it is also a matter of how one thinks. Expectations come true. So, be "patient" with expectations and the way, you think. And: many people gave a damn of how I looked like. This is the other side. We have to separate the company and advertisement society from existing society. Reality vs. Fiction, Fiction vs Reality.


All advertisement is a lie, true or not. It is a lie. It is manipulation. We manipulate all the time, every day, some of the manipulations we know, some, we do not realize. It is always dependant from "what is the goal", what is the aim. There are good and bad aims. 



"Should you not come to the church are lost" - true or not. It is not true. 


Evaluate all of this → ask Jesus of the Bible. He will help. Jesus always helps. But, he cannot help, when you do not listen to him and live a religious life. Then, you listen more to the local church than to him. 


What if you did not go to the local church for months. "Where is he or she right now", whatever rumors, we all know these horrific "weaknesses" of the local communities,

let us be clear with this. 


This is no joke, Jesus does not like these things, when local communities put pressure on any Christian without biblical reason and justified. 


We are free to chose whichever community we want. This is everybody`s personal choice. Ask Jesus for the truth, he always answers.