God "is dead"

Photo by Madai Valencia on Unsplash

God "is dead"

The denominational Christian goes to a church once or twice a year. He attends the service and then goes back home. Such is not a testimony to the faith and not to the life of the living God, the creator of heaven and earth.


Basically, in this occupation (religion) man is spiritually dead and also visits a dead god. He visits a poor, abandoned god in a cold church. "God has died": Isn't this also a human projection. Didn't you create your own God, who doesn't exist like that.


Why is that. This is because, despite and mostly because of religion, man has remained a sinner over the years, he would not repent. Sin is death. Therefore man does not know what comes after life. NO RELIGION PENDANT KNOWS WHAT IS AFTER LIFE BECAUSE HE DOESN'T HAVE LIFE. Otherwise, he would have converted because he knows that he will give up death by conversion and for salvation by forgiveness of sin to eternal life through faith in the cross.


Roemer 5

Because of how sin came into the world through man and death through sin, and thus death got through to all men, because they have all sinned; 13 because sin was well in the world except for the law; but where there is no law, sin is not respected. 14 However, from Adam to Moses, death ruled over those who have not sinned with the same transgression as Adam, who is a picture of who was in the future.

15 But the gift is not the same as the sin. For as many have died of one sin, much more God's grace and gift has been abundantly suffered by the grace of one man, Jesus Christ. 16 And the gift is not alone over a sin, as through the sin of one sinner all destruction. Because the judgment came from a sin to doom; but the gift also helps justice out of many sins. 17 Because death has ruled through one for the sake of sin, much more will they receive, so the fullness of grace and the gift of righteousness rule in life through one, Jesus Christ.


Since death came into the world through the fall of Adam and Eve and death is basically the devil, it is proven that the denominational Christian worships Baal in such a church without knowing it.


The fact is that such a denominational Christian has "no glimmer" of faith and basically he doesn't really know what he's doing. 


He acts only out of tradition, for social reasons, to polish up the own reputation and because this intention is not one that is answered by the Bible God, man remains without real and living faith even after years and is lost if he does not change that. 


Then it would have been better to have no religion at all than to have one. I believe that in such case, it would have been better for the unconverted to have no religion at all. Because religion is put in front of man's nose and forced onto him, like church houses and church chimes.


But it is really the case that we do not have a guide for life before conversion, no map, no compass. Basically, man does not know what he is doing, why he is doing it and what it is for. The answers are then just the usual "record" and repetition of history.