English: Is Corona really "the Big Bang?"


When we have in mind our Bible knowledge and on the other hand, we see the Coronavirus Mortality Rate, then we can consider the Corona Virus not as the real biblical plague and pest, which has to be exptected, because the mortality rate is at 2 to 5 Percent. 




On the other hand, the mortality rate of life in this world at the end of life 100 Percent. So, in order to be healed from this, people have to repent. In my last article today, I spoke about this problem. 


People fear sickness and many other things but they do not want to know what comes after life and death. This is a bigger problem, than the Corona Virus. As mentioned before, the death toll at the end of life is 100 Percent. People still do not want to realize this. 


On the other hand, Governments could use the Corona Virus to get rid of the debt money system and to setup a new one with new currencies, new magic money: the crypto money. One does not know how people think in such times. Why would a Bank like Goldman Sachs announce the possiblity of 5 Billion people that could be infected.