Who has more Followers: Jesus or Death

Anti  "Social Media"

Politicians recently wanted to put hate news on "social media" under prison sentence. Later, a politician from the Left Spectrum called for the murder of the rich, it was thought that the statement might have been meant differently, and would have been interpreted ambiguously but you cannot expect everyone in the population to understand it as they expect it to be understood and on top of that the sentence can also be understood ambiguously, so she doesn't have to complain if it was finally misunderstood, which was the case. 

With God, the question of followers is not a question of quantity and number, but a question of the belief of the individual. That is why the masses cannot answer the question of faith, because they believe in the masses and numbers and do not see their own faith.


Not everyone who claims to be a Christian is one.




Neither pastors nor priests, neither missionaries nor evangelists, neither deacons nor any other Christian, nor in groups or Christian institutions, nor in churches, nor in free churches ... If you believe in people and cling to people, you must fail!


... and further: Neither doctors nor viruses, those who rely on their health insurance alone will fail, the house that was not built on the rock of Christ will collapse.

These texts serve to enlighten and also to cheer up. Nobody should be afraid, the reader should be happy that he has found Christ and be happy again. Rejoice !, it is written: One thing is more important to the Lord, like the stoic "worship" or that the believer "fulfills his duty" but: he wants that the initial love and the grace are preserved, that we can pass this on. He does not want grumpy believers, but people who recognize that they have found life.



Babylon is squirming, has a bag of fleas captured that it can't get rid of. Babylon is afraid for his old life. Babylon is afraid for his money. Babylon is afraid of losing its old life.

Fake Jesus: Cesare Borgia




Letˋs be serious again, because question of life is not a joke.

Follower of Jesus Christ of the Bible: All spiritually reborn Christians. Follower of death: the majority of the people in the world today: all of whom rejected the Gospel or think, that their own ideas through culture and religion could save them: Follower of false prophets through religions of the world: the majority of the people in the world. 


March 08, 2020




The world wants to be the superstar!

Stock Bubble

The bbbubble continues to inflate, further and further, until it bursts. The trigger is then made the cause, although the cause was made by those who created the bladder. Finally, the state saves the bubbles at the expense of the little taxpayer, so that voters keep voting the party to co(i)ntinue and keep and so that industry and business bosses can be calmed down. It is a kind of chess game, the economy and politics. Not for me because you have to make too many compromises. And because Trump does not like to do so, he is so hated by those who want to exert influence on politics in order to expand their own power. Then they do not have to care about politics if they have the mass media in their hands. 
I don't understand why Trump is now so interested in being re-elected. But now an unpredictable component comes into play, the virus. It shake the upper floors, which have saved themselves from one straw to the next through favoritism, lobbying and nepotism over the years and through murmurs behind the scenes, like at the G summits. Who has made these G summits saviors of the world and superiors of the world? But probably only themselves.

Monday, 9 March 2020

No game: playing with the lives of others

No game

The pop industry makes the idols and these then make fans. The pop industry uses idols and fans to make money with them. 


Just like the football industry and other industries.


Because now the idols become "role models" for peopleˋs way and lifestyle and the industry wants to earn more money with them, therefore the idols become slaves of this industry and slaves of the world.


It happened that idols killed themselves because of this role model lifestyle or that they died from an overdose of narcotics, as I suspect that it may have happened with Avicii.


Soccer fans describe the owner of SAP as the son of a prostitute.


Grundgesetz für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Art 1 

(1) Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar. Sie zu achten und zu schützen ist Verpflichtung aller staatlichen Gewalt.



Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany Art 1 (1) Human dignity is inviolable. Respecting and protecting them is an obligation of all state order.


Football fans are responsible:

for violence in stadiums and outside, for fear in the vicinity of hooligans, for the fact that the police have to be used unnecessarily and as a result a lot of strength and operational time is lost in everyday life, which is needed for other operations. Football is also a religion and a sect. 

This also applies to what has already been said about the various industries and football is also an idol. The football fan basically an idolater.


The game of football makes people slaves to this industry. They sell themselves to clubs. In other words, it is nothing more than a false prostitution. T

Finally "whose bread I eat, whose song I sing", german expression. A football player can play in one club and hate the other club. Suddenly the other club wants the player and out of nowhwere there is a new affection, the compliments, the new love affairs, and "maybe you could" and the necessary expressions and sometime miraculously the player plays with the other club, that he hated before.

If that's not a traveling circus, a plague of locusts. Man has become a plague himself and has become a problem for himself in rebellion, the modern fall, which is evidence of the fall.

The theory of evolution cannot be proven, nor can the theory of descentance from the monkey, but only with the necessary pinch of humor.

The fall of man is proven today by rebellion.


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