The great tribulation time / the great tribulation time of the world


Comment: God the Lord intended for people to believe / have faith in Jesus Christ and that is for all people. Since many of those who have not accepted the Word of God in the past and are therefore today ignorant of the truth, the world also becomes ignorant of the truth and this leads to the world living in ignorance of the Destiny of every human being. We repeat: Everyone is destined to accept and acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Savior, Messiah and King.


In the religions this is not the case, there is no real confession of faith and confession of sin to the true Savior Christ of the Bible, but there there are false Jesuses and often it is the opponent of God, the villain, whom people call on without knowing that they are calling the devil through their religion. That alone should shock people when they discover it and prompt them to repent, to refrain from Religion / false Religion (the Gospel is not a Religion, Religion does not save anyone) and really and truly confess the true Jesus Christ of the Bible, to know him as personal Savior and Messiah and King.


Since this often does not happen, but which is intended for all people by the Father in Heaven, namely that people confess to God's Son, the true Christ of the Bible, because and if they do not do it, people get into tribulation because they despise God's way for themselves as the individual and go their own way. This leads to all the problems that people have, restlessness, worries, hardship, other sensitivities, diseases, inner tribulation, which is reflected in sadness and hopelessness, in displeasure and other inner mental sensitivities, where the person does not know from where it comes.


I want to give an example: In this case, however, as a believer: I am supposed to accept and carry out a job, but I don't do that. Thus an inner sadness comes over me. Why? This is because I did not accept God's way with me for the day and did not do as the Lord intended for me. So then I'm sad and that doesn't stop. It stops when I do things where I know the Lord intended them for me.


We can relate this knowledge to the world at this time, because many people in the past did not accept the Gospel as they should have done and therefore, as an example: CV19 came and could come across the societies, which led to all the problems the societies are having today as the effects of the measures of prevention themselves are as heavy as the CV19 itself could be.


People can only see one side, namely the plague, that they are trying to suppress / prevent / break the chains of infection, but then they don't see the other side, the effects of the measures against the epidemic, they only think that the epidemic is the problem; but the consequences of the economic measures are equal within the nations and that is also such a judgment, but that is neither seen nor recognized.


So, it is the result of each individual's failure to come under the cross of Jesus Christ and repent, which leads to the state in which nations and societies must live right now.



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