English · 09. August 2020
Comment: God the Lord intended for people to believe / have faith in Jesus Christ and that is for all people. Since many of those who have not accepted the Word of God in the past and are therefore today ignorant of the truth, the world also becomes ignorant of the truth and this leads to the world living in ignorance of the Destiny of every human being. We repeat: Everyone is destined to accept and acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Savior, Messiah and King. In the religions this is not the...

English · 11. März 2020
New Generations of Missionaries flood the earth with the Gospel.

English · 08. März 2020
Who has more Followers. Jesus or death.

English · 08. März 2020
What is going on in Italy.

English · 26. Februar 2020
Is Corona really the Big Bang?

English · 26. Februar 2020
The Virus: Result of general sin or Bible Revelation Time judgement.

English · 23. Februar 2020
Is church tradition really wanted by God without conversion: religion.

English · 23. Februar 2020
Pestilences have been foretold (prophecised) by the Bible. Matthew 24 7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. Here, you find information about the spiritual origin of this plague and the biblical solution to the Corona / Covid 19 pest / epidemic.

English · 22. Februar 2020
China: White Horse: False Peace by suppression or contracts (false peace / Religion) Red horse: Communism Black horse: Capitalism Green horse: Pest China / As I mentioned in a previous text: Wuhan = change the W to M and mix it: Human Beijing or Peking = change the j to k or P to B = BeKing "Human be king" In China, people may have thought human could be king over the world, but then, man is unable to heal a disease. Humanity is able to build skyscrapers that reach out the heavens, but they...

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